ANT100 Essay Assignment


Reminder: Don't Forget the Quiz & Checklist!

Remember to complete the plagiarism quiz and essay checklist, and to include the confirmation codes from completion of these tasks in your assignment. Failure to do so will result in a grade deduction. Details are available on the Essay Assignment page.

Zero Tolerance Policy

Stealing written work, in parts or as a whole, from somebody else instead of struggling to formulate your own ideas prevents you from exploring ideas for yourself or learning the skills of critical thinking and reading offered by this course. Fighting plagiarism protects students who do their own work from unfair competition.

We will pursue every act of plagiarism through the disciplinary procedures available via the Office of Academic Integrity. Ignorance of what constitutes plagiarism is not an excuse for committing it, so please study the following carefully.

BEWARE: The Most Common Kind of Plagiarism

No, it's not the "photocopy" method, copying word for word from a web site or printed document! Rather, it is

This completely unacceptable practice involves copying a passage from a web site or a publication, but not word for word - you put your own words inside and/or around the passage. Some people do it trying to cheat, and others might do it innocently, thinking that they are "paraphrasing." In either case, this practice (which is easily detected by Turnitin) is plagiarism and those who engage in it will be pursued for an academic offense.

How do I know if what I am doing is plagiarism?

You are plagiarizing if you copy passages from elsewhere or use disguised copying. You are plagiarizing even if:

  • you fully cite the text where you took your passage from
  • you only copied-and-disguised a single sentence
  • your TurnItIn score is low
  • you did not know you were

If you are not sure if you're plagiarizing then go straight to this excellent website, and also read this one. Consider watching this video about plagiarism made by Charles Ludwig, a former ANT 100 student.

Frequently Asked Questions

So how many words do I need to change for my paraphrase not to be plagiarism?

Please reread the above! You should never write any part of your essay by taking a passage from elsewhere and changing its words. Instead, you must write your entire essay without copying any passages in part or in whole.

You mean I can't paraphrase?

That depends on what you mean by "paraphrase." If you mean what we just called "disguised copying" then you must avoid it.

Should I do as I did in high school?

We are not responsible for what was taught in your high school. This web page attempts to make clear what constitutes plagiarism. If in doubt, ask your TA.

Are there other kinds of plagiarism?

Besides word-for-word and disguised copying, there are other kinds of plagiarism that may trigger a disciplinary procedure:

  • Turning in another person's work as your own, including a paper from a free web site
  • Purchasing a paper from a research service or a commercial term paper mill
  • Sharing or swapping from a local source (from student papers that were previously submitted)
  • Using specific materials from a source without documenting of that source
  • Creating invalid or faked citations

Official University of Toronto Resources

The Office of Academic Integrity Handbook, can be found on the Univesity of Toronto Academic Integrity website.

A direct link to the Academic Handbook is below - information on plagiarism can be found on page 19.