Marking Scheme

Your final grade will be based upon:

  • 30% Midterm Exam (Multiple Choice) covering the first half of the course
  • 30% Final Exam (Multiple Choice) covering the second half of the course
  • 14% Fall Essay Assignment, consisting of two deliverables due in the fall semester:
    • Advanced Draft of Essay (4%)*
    • Essay Revision (10%)
  • 14% Winter Essay Assignment, consisting of three deliverables due in the winter semester:
    • Advanced Draft of Essay,* and
    • Peer review of another student’s assignment (4%) *
    • Essay Revision (10%)
  • 12% Participation in Tutorials

*IMPORTANT NOTE: Advanced Draft & Essay Revision Grade

If you do not submit an advanced draft by the due date, your essay revision grade (as well as your advanced draft grade) will be zero. Similarly, if you do not attend your tutorial duing the week when peer reviews are done, thane your final essay mark as well as your advanced draft mark will be 0.

Confirmation Codes

At the top of the first page of your draft essay and your final essay, you must include the codes generated when you passed the plagiarism quiz and completed the essay checklist. (See the essay page.) If you fail to do this then you will lose 25% of the final essay mark. This is not negotiable.

Use the study questions to prepare for the test and exam.

On our lecture notes page, each lecture is accompanied by four study questions that sum up some of the main points of the lecture. These questions are very likely to be asked on the test or exam in one form or another (not necessarily identical to how they appear in the notes), or at any rate cover topics that you are very likely to be tested on. The lecture notes expand on the material and may be tested as well. The questions and notes, though, are by no means a substitute for taking your own notes, and certainly not for the lecture itself.

Late Penalties

For any assignment, your mark will be 0 if submitted after 12:00 am on the 7th day after the due date, including weekend days. For example, if the assignment was due on October 10th and you submit the assignment at 12:01 am on October 18th, your mark will be zero.

Late penalties are accrued daily, and include weekend days:

  • Proposal: 3% per day
  • Advanced Draft of Essay: 3% per day, deducted from Essay Revision grade (see note below)
  • Essay Revision: 3% per day

Should I still submit my Advanced Draft or Essay Revision after it is 7 days late?

Late advanced drafts will be marked according to the late penalty policy (you get 0% after 7 days) and will NOT receive feedback. Still, even after 7 days it is worthwhile to submit a late Advanced Draft, because:

  • If you submit your late Advanced Draft before the due date of the Essay Revision, you will be allowed to submit your Essay Revision, and will get feedback on your Essay.

If you do not submit your Advanced Draft at all, you will receive zero on the essay portion of your grade (14%!).

How do I get an extension?

For information about how to get an extension, please view the extensions page: