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Email Policy

Our method of out-of-class communication is by email or through office hours.

This is very important: Please contact your TA in the first instance, before bringing any questions or issues to any other member of the course staff.

The only exception is questions about the class material that you would like to ask the lecturer directly (although TAs are happy to help with this as well). In that case, please attend the lecturer's office hours. Lecturers will not deal with administrative issues (assignments, deadlines, what tutorial you're in, etc.). Given the size of the class, lecturers will not be able to answer email from students.

Whom Should I Contact?

This depends on what you need:

General Administrative & Academic Issues

To discuss all administrative issues and most academic issues, contact your TA by email or during office hours if that TA offers office hours.

Academic Issues you wish to discuss with the Lecturer

To discuss academic issues only, contact your lecturer in person during office hours (and not by email).

Unresolved Administrative Issues

If there are administrative issues that you have first raised with your TA but could not get resolved, then visit the appropriate course coordinator for your term during office hours:

  • Fall Term: Shawn Lehman
  • Winter Term: Ivan Kalmar

Your Lecturers

Shawn Lehman
Course Coordinator (Fall)
Evolutionary Anthropology
Office: AP 404A | Website
Hours: Thursdays 4:30-5:30

Max Friesen
Office: AP 400 | Website
Hours: Wednesdays 11-12

Ivan Kalmar
Course Coordinator (Spring)
Linguistic & Sociocultural Anthropology
Office: NF 228 | Website
Office Hours