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Once you complete this checklist, you will receive a confirmation code. You must include this confirmation code on the first page of your assignment. You must do this twice: once for the draft essay assignment, and once for the final essay. If you do not do so, you will receive a grade deduction.

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The thesis of a good essay should relate to literature that is concerned with the same issue.
Your essay must give evidence of you reading and thinking about your topic as it relates to the literature. Otherwise you will receive a poor mark, no matter how well written your essay is.
The essay writer’s aims should include saying something no one has said before.
The word limit for this paper is 1,500 words. It is a limit, not a minimum.
Only scholarly references should be used, except as described on the course web site.
Web sites are not acceptable as references, unless the web site is your topic of analysis, or it is a reproduction of a scholarly print reference, or (this is not yet very common) it is a scholarly peer-reviewed web site.
No quotations may be used except as described on the course web site and with your TA’s permission.
Reference citations should include a page number, unless you are referring to the whole work.
Follow the style of citation that is given on Blackboard and/or the course web site.

Submission of this checklist affirms that you understand the attributes of a good academic essay as outlined in this list. If your essay does not fulfill these elements, you may receive a grade deduction.

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