Make-up Test Booked

The ANT100 make-up test will be held on Friday, January 23 at 10am in EX310. Only students who have contacted their TA and show adequate documentation will be allowed to write the make-up. Students must be on the list in order to write the exam, so if you plan to do so, please get in touch with your TA ASAP.  

Text book in the bookstore

The Eller text is now available for purchase from the bookstore. For more information, see the text page.

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Don't Do It!

Adam and EveDo one of these things and you will get a 0 for the assignment or the whole course: cheat at tests, plagiarize your essays, submit a final essay without first submitting a proposal and a draft by their respective deadline, or never show up in a tutorial.

Image: Lucas Cranach the Elder , "Adam and Eve," 1538, Národní galerie, Sternberg Palace, Prague.

Welcome to anthropology

Batuan paintingThe teaching staff is excited about sharing with you the adventure of anthropology, the comprehensive, varied, and integrative study of what it means to be the social animal known as Homo sapiens.

Three outstanding lecturers cover four anthropological perspectives. Prof. Shawn Lehman acquaints the class with Evolutionary Anthropology, the study of the evolution and biological diversity of humans and non-human primates. Prof. Max Friesen teaches archaeology, the study of the material evidence of human activities in the past. Prof. Ivan Kalmar, the course organizer, lectures on Social-Cultural-Linguistic Anthropology, which will cover how people represent the world to themselves and to others through language and other sign systems, as well as the great range of social and cultural organization in societies of varying complexity. 

The course syllabus can be found here.

Famous anthropologists Margaret Mead and Gregory Bateson collected thousands of paintings in Bali in the 1930's, many of them made to order. How much does the art made and sold today across Southeast Asia, such as the Balinese work seen above, owe to anthropologists? What effects do anthropologists have on the people they study? In what sense is what they study "real"? read more about Balinese art

Volunteer to help a student who needs you

There are students who are unable to take notes in class. You can be of great help to one of them by sharing your notes. Those who are interested in assisting  with this essential service will gain valuable volunteer experience and a certificate of recognition from Accessibility Services. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer note-taker, please sign up on-line, or visit the Accessibility Services office at 215 Huron Street.