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The following are courses taught by Dr. Begun, with a short description succeeding. For more information, please visit the individual course websites (linked from the course codes).

» ANT203Y
Human Biology and Evolution;

Addresses the questions of who are we, where we came from, when we evolved, and why we are the way that we are. Application of evolutionary theory on why all people are similar in all fundamental aspects but different in many other ways, and the significance of those differences and similarities.
» ANT326Y
Human Evolutionary Anatomy;
A detailed examination of human musculoskeletal anatomy from comparative and evolutionary perspectives. Focus includes allometry, basic biomechanics, functional anatomy, and the structure and function of human mastication, the brain, the forelimb and bipedalism. Labs make use of the large collection of primate skeletal material and fossil human casts.
» ANT429Y
The study of the evolution of humans and our place in the diversity of life. Examines the evolutionary biology of humans, our ancestors, and our closest relatives, the great apes. Surveys the evolutionary history of the Hominoidea, with particluar focus on human evolution. Exploration on the anatomy, behavior and evolutionary relations among fossil humans using an extensive collection of casts of fossils and skeletons of living apes and humans.
» INX199Y
How to Make a Human;
A seminar reviewing hallmarks of the evolution of humans and our ancestors that have contributed, accidentally and in unique combination, to the development of modern human form and behavior. Many questions regarding us have answers in the fossil record. Students read introductory and popular resources on human origins, and give presentations based on assigned readings on the history of their favorite part of human beings, or, being human.

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